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Heatherington Park Poll Herefords began operation in 1991, originally located in northern Victoria and consisted of a commercial herd with a few registered stud cows.

We moved to "Lone Hand" in Kingston in 2002 where we began concentrating on the stud operations selling bulls to local and regional breeders. Currently our stud comprises 55 to 60 autumn calving cows. Calving begins in March and runs approximately to mid-May. As well as running stud bulls, cows and calves, we also carry 10-12 replacement heifers and 8 -10 young bulls.

Our farm comprises 290 acres (120 hectares) which we have divided into numerous paddocks. Generally we are able to use 2 paddocks to cut our own hay in December. The animals are rotated between the paddocks for various reasons and thereby alternate drinking from town water, mineral bore water and dam water.

As poll herefords are bred for beef there is no milking involved so we get to sleep-in a bit longer!!

And before you ask.... "poll" means no horns.

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